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sep 25 | 1 min


during COVID

Finding peace in the midst of uncertainty, work and stress.


Facing the world in the face of an unexpected event such as what we have had to live through after the COVID 19 pandemic can be overwhelming emotionally, physically and psychologically. Yet in the midst of chaos it is possible to keep the peace.


I share some tips that worked for me at this time:


Creativity in looking for new opportunities which will bring you an illusion and motivation to move forward.

Take action and decisions in the present without trying to solve the future.

The future is uncertain and the path of life changes from one day to the next, unimaginable opportunities come that we would never have planned, so it is not worth tormenting yourself in the present thinking about what has not yet happened. It's okay to set goals but we must be willing to navigate and have the flexibility to change course.

Pray. Trust in God, in the Supreme Being who guides us, cares for us and fills us with hope.

It is incredible how in the midst of tribulation, a moment of prayer can give us peace and above all calm our emotions to be able to make decisions with a clear mind.

Read or listen to audiobooks. Take a moment of the day to read.

I take advantage of the time in traffic to listen to a book that inspires me. I am currently reading "The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brenee Brown.

Exercising and eating healthy have been two key pillars to maintaining a positive and spirited mind.


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The STORY behind my WEDDING /

in the middle of a PANDEMIC

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