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Robert C. Martin: Doing Well, Doing Good - A Defense of the Noble Cause Account Of Moral Motivation – Online Book Review - Martin now goes on to argue that "my aim is to show that the account of morality I have defended is the most plausible, the one least vulnerable to all the criticisms of which it has been accused, and the one that will secure the best results from it. If my account is true, that is the real debate over the nature of morality." First, I will address a key issue and objection: "why" we should care about virtue ethics? It may be that this type of meta-ethical question is not meant for philosophers. Perhaps the point is meant to be sociological, as the question of why we should care about ethics is meant to be in sociology: as a means to bring the sciences of philosophy into the field of ethics. Robert C. Martin An example of the early sociological application of this type of meta-ethical approach is in the work of a key figure of British sociology – W. The basic goal of Moral Development is "to present a theory of moral development, to show how we can understand how moral notions change over the life-course, and to give a critical analysis of various current theories of moral development that are being used in the social sciences." It is also a study of how a moral system can be transformed and how this may be achieved. The question "why" we should care about virtue ethics is a question with two forms: the first is a psychological question: why do you feel that it is appropriate to care about virtue ethics, ethics, and morality? The second question is a sociological one: Why should other people, or society in general, care about virtue ethics, ethics, and morality? The question is not merely a sociological question in that the second question is not simply a question of what other people think or what people think they should think. I am not trying to present an argument for the existence of the meta-ethical question of "why" we should care about virtue ethics. I merely wish to present the reason why I care about the question. I care about it because the question "why" we should care about virtue ethics is relevant in at least two main ways: in a psychological way and in a sociological way. It is relevant in the psychological sense, because there is some question in psychology – both empirical psychology and neuropsychology –




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Codigolimpioanayapdf [Latest] 2022

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