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sep 25 | 1 min

The STORY behind



Finishing the last tequilita we were surrounded by our family dancing with all our hearts. A toast to life we ​​said with Nicolás realizing that we had been the hosts of an intimate, elegant and too special night.


I immediately go back months ago and I remember when they told me "the country is closing, goodbye to weddings." It was difficult to accept it but deep down there was always a hope that everything would turn out well. I had to plan a wedding for 300 people, then one for 100, another for 50 and finally one just for a nuclear family. I cannot deny that I had a hard time letting go of the inherited dream of how a wedding should be, what my mind thought was what would truly make a bride happy. However, always behind a NO there is a great blessing, and I was able to make the most beautiful and joyful wedding that I had never dreamed of in my life.


At an imperial table surrounded by candles, a four-course dinner and between wine, champagne and tequila, we danced the night away.


I want to introduce you to the team that made everything possible and that really stood out that night:

One of the moments that I most enjoyed with Lore was getting to know the garden of his house. Dahlias, muskets, gardenias, fuchsias and exotic flowers that I have never seen in Guatemala adorn every space of color and beauty.


She has a knack for choosing each element in the arrangement with such subtlety and taste. She was the artist behind my bouquet, the boutonnieres, decorated the table and the strategic spaces of the wedding. We chose sober colors with glass bases and white candlesticks so that the flowers would have a leading role and be the color element on the table.


Robert and Oli have been present in the most emotional moments of Look. We have worked together and we have celebrated together with Clios so many Guatemalan women who have left an immense mark in this country. As I was not going to think of them for my wedding, they are not only creative geniuses in food but there is also a too special affection.


When they sent me the proposal of the complete menu of 4 courses, my mouth was open: Vichyssoise Soup , Sea tasting with Lobster carpaccio, tuna tartare and bass tiradito, Lomito Foi Gras and Port and to finish a cup filled with cappuccino mousse and a nest of pavlova. Oh my god!


I can't explain how spectacular each dish was and the best of all is that at the beginning of each course, Chef Roberto came and explained every detail to us so that it became a true culinary experience.


I met Mónica and Special Events 10 years ago since Look started. Throughout these years we have not only worked together but also a great friendship has grown.


Glasses, tables, chairs, cutlery and low plates become elements that are part of the decoration, that is why they must be chosen according to the concept and colors of the wedding. I remember the day we got together to define each of the pieces, between laughter and memories, and of course the final touch of La Florentina could create the final result. One of my favorite pieces was the vintage glasses that we use to serve water.




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