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And her journal

This is the blog of Maria Gabriela Camacho Co-Founder of Look Magazine (a magazine that has more than 45,000 followers from Latin America and has been around for 10 years) and interior designer at heart. Gaby chose to open a personal blog for her followers, recounting more about her professional and personal experience, focusing on her passions and lifestyle.

Learn more about Gaby's style and blog. She connects with the various themes that she can play in Saint Augustine Florida near the beach, with a clean lifestyle, with her children.

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María Gabriela Camacho

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Qué es journal

I am María Gabriela Camacho. I am a mother, an entrepreneur and passionate about wellness. I am an interior designer and fashion marketing expert, I founded a magazine focused on the women lifestyle in Central America and have worked remotely to support it.

After my professional experiences, but above all from my deep personal experiences, I have made the decision to share my experiences and advice in a special project: a personal blog open to my followers.

Journal is a publication to dream and love fashion, find inner peace, cultivate self-love.

I seek to convey what I am most passionate about, what takes over my visual mind, what has transformed me and what I have learned during the most challenging stages of my life.

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